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Home Is the Best School

It is faithful say that the house is that the basis of learning and education. Members of the family area unit the primary faculty mates of youngsters and oldsters area unit the $64000 role models for them. It's well aforementioned "A young branch takes on all the bends that one provides it". house is simply the varsity for giving ethical education and oldsters area unit the primary lecturers. The utmost contribution in our accomplishment is from the house solely. Before the educational institution, the child's education starts within the family. The varsity lecturers cannot be in such shut bit with students, as will folks with their own youngsters. The kid learns from their family what is right and what is wrong. The behaviour of the members of the family towards the opposite have an excellent impact on youngsters. It's the house wherever character of the kid is build. Temperament development, values and mannerism is tutored to the kid in family solely. The values of life makes an individual that teaches the young one to be fond, truthful, honest, caring, humble, courteous and accountable person. The syllabus of the house education is totally different with what has been written within the books. 

Parents teach the kid by warning, example and penalty. Our society is facing countless issues. Folks have to be compelled to pay plenty of your time with youngsters to develop overall temperament in them. They need to be role models for them and should keep all them faraway from family issues. Even the family disparities and disputes influence the behaviour of the kid. The restlessness in youth currently a day and increase within the of crime is that the results of lack of improper upbringing of youngsters.Discussing house matters ahead of the kid, shouting with others will create the kid a lot of aggressive. 

The security and therefore the comfort that is on the market at the house area unit bests with the varsity. Together with the varsity subjects, its the expertise of the elders that show United States of America the correct path of the success. Folks have a lot of quality time to coach and influence their youngsters and there is chance for every kid to develop individual attention and therefore the instruction. Home provides a honest surroundings for development of confidence and freelance thinking and there is increased communication among all age teams as a result of diversified  learning surroundings. This is often the rational for "East or West house is the Best". the house education will solely ease to bring peace within the world.

How to Expand Brackets

Let's look at the example of (a+b)^2. The ^2 bit means "squared", or multiplied by itself. So it is basically just a fancy way of telling us to take two lots of (a+b) and multiply them together:


Expanding brackets means multiplying them together. It is important remember this as in the expression shown above, there isn't any sign between the brackets. Therefore, what we actually mean is

(a+b) x (a+b)

Similarly, when we multiply a by b, we write just ab to mean a x b. The reason why in algebra we do not show the multiplication sign is that mathematicians are lazy, and as multiplication is used so much in algebra, they can't be bothered to write "x" all the time, and it can also very easily be confused with the algebraic letter x, which is used very commonly in algebra.

So, now it's time to expand these brackets. When you multiply out brackets, you have to multiply every term in the first bracket with every term in the second bracket. This is shown below:

(a+b)(a+b) = a x a + ab +ba + b x b

We can now tidy this up a bit. On the outside, we have a x a and b x b. We can write these as a^2 and b^2. This is kind of the opposite of what we did right at the beginning. Also, ab = ba (you can try this with numbers - e.g. 7 x 8 = 8 x 7). So we have two lots of ab, which we can rewrite as 2ab. Our expansion becomes

(a+b)(a+b) = a^2 + 2ab + b^2

Excellent! We have successfully expanded (a+b)^2! The first part of the expansion that got us a x a + ab + ba + b x b may have been a bit hard to follow, or difficult to remember. There are various ways of remembering how to do this first part of the expansion (not all of them nice) but there are a couple civilised ways of doing it shown below:

Method 1: FOIL

This is a fun little mnemonic to help you learn how to expand brackets. It goes like this:

F stands for First - multiply the first term (letter) in each bracket together.

O stands for Outside - multiply the outside two terms together.

I stands for Inside - multiply the inside two terms together.

L stands for Last - multiply the last two terms in each bracket together.

Method 2: Multiplication Tables

If you thought you had rid yourself of those when you'd finally learnt all you times tables, then you were wrong! Even if you do maths at university level you find yourself doing them whilst studying Group Theory. No, you're not done with them yet. Times tables are for life, not just for junior school. Here we go then...

x, a, b

a a^2 ab

b ba b^2

Hopefully that didn't bring back too many painful memories. At least now, armed with an understanding of how to write algebraic expressions and expand brackets by a variety of different methods, you have at your fingertips of the most fundamental skills that gives you the potential to expand your mathematical knowledge in a variety of different areas!

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Ghosts, Demons and Spirits: Do They Exist and How to Protect Yourself

The terms "Spirits" and "Ghosts" often instill fear in many people. But then these are the people who believe that things like ghosts can exist. There are also people who strongly believe that there are no such things as ghosts, spirits and demons - that it's all mind tricks and hallucinations. The debate has been endless.

But this article is about more than this debate. Let's move ahead on the assumption that ghosts and spirits do exist. That there are things such as ghosts, spirits and demons and they are all often seen or heard. Being afraid of a ghost is a normal, and quite common, reaction. You don't know what the ghost may do to you and being afraid of the inexplicable is understandable. But to understand whether a ghost is harmful, the first step is to understand the difference between ghosts and demons.

Ghosts are rarely vengeful. They're often simply lost souls, unaware that they have died and need to move on to another realm. This generally happens with people who have died abruptly because of accidents, illnesses, murders and even suicide. The body and mind were not ready for death so the soul does not realize that the time for it to leave this world has come. There are also some ghosts who remain because of concern or attachment for a loved one - such as an old grandmother who passed on before she got a chance to see her grandchild who's born a month later, someone whose last wishes are not fulfilled or someone who's simply unable to let go of a loved one because they think they will be unable to manage things themselves. All these ghosts often need is convincing that their concerns will be met and they can peacefully move on.

Then there are demons - the opposite of angels. Demons are vengeful beings, their sole purpose being the torment of people. Demons are often summoned to Earth and once removed from their rightful place in hell, they are lost, unable to return. And in this anger, they turn on humans, filling them with fear, corrupt thoughts and sometimes, even taking possession of them.

There are many people haunted by unseen spirits, sounds and happenings that they want to get rid of. There are also many people who believe that protecting your house from ghosts and demons is a good idea, because even if they don't see anything at present, this can change with an incident as small as a road accident. Research into the paranormal has given many methods that one can adopt to rid yourself and your house of ghosts and demons. There are also methods that can help you protect yourselves and your home from attracting any such spirits. The point is to be completely aware because no one can tell when you may need to know these tips.

Battlefield Earth 1561, UFO's Aerial Warfare Over Europe

The sun was just coming up on the horizon on the morning of April 14th 1561 over the town of Nuremberg Germany. As people made their way through the city streets many citizens witnessed an amazing and spectacular sight in the sky above them, which lasted for over an hour. An aerial clash in the heavens above by machines too fantastic to comprehend by the people who witnessed them.

That morning, the accounts by eye witnesses, became not only the subject of the newspapers at the time but were preserved as a woodcut by Hans Glaser that he made in 1566 of what he himself witnessed that day. His account and subsequent woodcut art, became the closest thing to a photograph that we have of this event that transpired. There appeared to be a variety of elongated cylindrical as well as 'cross shaped' objects at a significant altitude above Nuremberg. From the cylindrical objects spheres of different colours emerged and began attacking each other. Reports from several sources which were reported in the local newspapers, described the men and women of the town.

As they watched the encounters between what some of the witnesses would describe later as either crafts or machines, people began to become frightened. Not understanding exactly what was happening, the onlookers tried to comprehend the spectacle. Later it would be confirmed that many of them knew that what they were seeing was not merely a meteor shower or some other celestial occurrence that they had seen before. They knew somehow that what they were viewing resembled a battle in the sky more than any other description.

Although some were fearful that the sight was sign of heavens wrath over their small town, there are many accounts of a 'black spear like object' appearing afterwards. Many of the objects seemingly caught fire and began to smoke as they fell from the sky after about an hour. Some were reported to have 'crashed' into the ground in vaporous explosions, while others that were in 'retreat from the victorious crafts', apparently headed toward the sun and vanished. The globes were described as being of different colours, such as red, blue and black. They were also described as having a 'plate like shape'. The documents from that time also describe the larger 'tube like objects' as containing three and even four of the spheres.

What the residents and citizens of Nuremberg witnessed that morning in today's language resembles a dog fight of flying craft. Because we have the benefit of understanding and comprehending flying objects such as airplanes and helicopters, even rockets and space shuttles, to us it does not seem as fantastic. The difference is that none of the craft with the exception of the 'cross shaped' ones, resembles our modern aircraft. We still do not know how to make flying plates or spheres, but we can comprehend aerial warfare, and even small children today occasionally will draw a picture of fighter planes duking it out in a 'dogfight' over a battlefield.

The extraordinary thing regarding this particular series of observations is that it happened in the 16th century, and there were no manmade flying objects at that time. Human flight was still a few hundred years from being realized by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk in 1900. So basically a whole town in Germany witnessed some kind of aerial battle between unknown flying objects of an unknown origin, 339 years before humans themselves would take to the skies! As fantastic as it sounds for us today, with all of our area 51, Roswell New Mexico and other such modern Ufology and the myriad of UFO reports by literally millions of people around the world, from all walks of life, to the people of 16th century Nuremberg, this spectacle must have looked like Armageddon was upon them.

Still many eyewitnesses tried their very best to give accurate reports to the local newspapers and the gazette. Hans Glaser's woodcut from the 16th century exists as the best of the eyewitness reports of its day. It also corroborates the claims of at least 5 other witnessed accounts that were given press at the time of the occurrence. This encounter above the town of Nuremberg in 1561 and a few years later in 1566 a similar aerial 'battle' over Basle Switzerland, have become two of the only recorded such events witnessed by humans.

Samuel Coccius wrote in the local paper that many dark spheres appeared at sunrise, which were witnessed by many people as they 'hovered over' the town. He goes on to report that many of the spheres became fiery red and eventually vanished. Again the event lasted for several hours and was witnessed by many of the 16th century citizens of that area of Switzerland. The eyewitnesses like their counterparts a few years earlier in Nuremberg, witnessed what looked like to them, an aerial battle which lasted for over an hour. The descriptions at this time were of 'an invading collection of spheres' in their skies that 'made half turns' and were apparently 'banging' one against another. 'They were fighting a battle and were in combat' one person reported to the paper. 'A great number of them became red and igneous, thereafter they were consumed and died out', reported Samuel Coccius in his article

These are the accounts of two of the most witnessed events of a battle occurring in the skies over Europe, until the First World War when humans took to the air. Exactly what these objects were remains a mystery to this very day. In both accounts, it would seem that the skies above two cities became a heated battleground for these UFO's of medieval Europe.

A Venture Into the Paranormal

When James Cameroon's Avatar hit the movie theaters, I thought it was a bold venture into an otherworldly subject for a movie. It was one of my favorite movies of all time. I loved it not only for the hi-tech elements that went into the movie productions, but for the subject that stretches human imagination beyond earthly existence. I like movies that explore ideas beyond what is normal or ordinary and challenge accepted notion of reality. It reminds us that there might be more to what our normal senses can perceive. And those paranormal things may be lurking very close to us and yet we are unable to experience them. Or if we do, we are simply unmindful or unaware of them, except under certain conditions.

This year, two other movies caught my attention after Avatar, which in my book belonged to the same genre. Inception hit home. Directed by Christopher Nolan, I loved the depth of the movie and so did my children. Most of the materials for the movie were based on studies on Lucid Dreams. Believe it or not, there is a science to it and there are many scientists involve in dream research. Lucid dream is a state where the person dreaming is aware or conscious of the dream process, although the person is physically asleep. It sounds like an oxymoron, but not really. For some individuals who are predisposed to experience lucid dreams, they seem to have the uncanny ability to "wake-up" in their dream while their body remains "asleep." I believe there is a genetic marker for this "ability," although one might be able to acquire the ability through intensive training by a lucid dream expert. It seems that in my family, my father carried the genes for it. He succumbed to bangongot (Sudden Death Syndrome that occurs in sleep accompanied by nightmare and sleep paralysis) after a night of alcohol binging. This condition afflicts mostly Southeast Asian men. My father might have had an apnea (intermittent cessation of breathing during sleep) condition which often precipitates the lucid dream experience. I acquired the condition myself and have been diagnosed with obstructive apnea disorder. Most of my lucid dreams are not nightmares, instead I often find myself becoming conscious in my dream while my body is asleep or unable to move. My three children report recurrent lucid dream experiences like myself. It is no wonder that all of them could relate to the movie on a deep and personal way. They have no trouble following and appreciating the complex, layered plot of the movie that mimic vivid and lucid dream experiences.

The more recent movie, Hereafter, which is directed by Clint Eastwood, is another window to the beyond. The movie draws from a body of work on Near Death Experience. Mostly, these are accounts of people who were pronounced or proven to have "died" and were resuscitated or simply lived again. Mr. Eastwood, besides making a movie that could be interpreted as a personal struggle to grapple with his own mortality, artfully produced an entertaining and intriguing movie out of a somewhat morbid subject. Having lost my mother a couple of months ago, the movie struck a cord close to home. I wonder whether the dreams I have had of her when she passed on were symbolic of her transition from earthly life to the beyond.

A book on love and a coming of age in a land devastated by its long history under colonial rule. The book provides a tapestry of cultural life in the Phillipines in the eyes of a youth trying to find himself and breakaway under the yoke of crunching poverty.

Top 10 UFO Sightings

Welcome to the top 10 UFO sightings, these sightings come from different stages in our history, and were reported by people from all walks of life. UFOs have been zipping about in our skies for a very long time, doing whatever the hell it is they do?! surveying the Earth, surveying us, both neither? not many people can say for certain what these strange disc and cigar like craft are really doing, all we can do is look up, wonder and imagine.

Sighting number 10 was made over 2000 years ago in 332 b.c. by multiple witnesses, the witnesses in this case were Macedonian soldiers laying siege to the city fortress of Tyre and they were commanded by Alexander The Great. Alexander's forces were having great trouble breaching the city because it was built on an island and had high walls all around it that were right up against the sea, making matters worse they could only attack it from a narrow stone causeway which they themselves had to build. Frustratingly they were being easily repelled by the thick high walls of Tyre and the defenders on top, until... to the attacking and defending soldier's amazement 2 silver shields appeared in the sky and one of these "shields" dove repeatedly at the section of the wall Alexander's troops aimed to breach. This unexpected flying object fired "beams of light" at this section of the wall causing it to collapse, allowing Alexander's troops to pour in and take the city! Of course there is argument among historians about whether this happened or not but it's interesting enough to earn a place on this list.

Sighting number 9 happened 200 years before Alexander's siege of Tyre. In 593 b.c. Ezekiel witnessed his now famous flying "wheel" near the Cheber river in Iraq. In his own writings Ezekiel recorded and described a "flying chariot". His strange sighting begins when he observes a windstorm coming towards him from the north, this storm took the shape of a huge cloud emitting lightning and brilliant light. As it got nearer Ezekiel saw that in the centre of this huge cloud was something that looked like glowing metal, and drawing nearer still he saw 4 beings shaped like men. he described them as each having four faces (human - lion - ox - eagle) and four wings, it is unclear whether these "four beings" were alive or metallic adornments attached to this flying craft. Beneath each creature was a wheel intersecting a wheel which Ezekiel described as "sparkling like chrysolite". Chrysolite is a green emerald like crystal. Above the 4 beings Ezekiel saw what he described as "an expanse, sparkling like ice, and awesome". Because Ezekiel was known to record things in great detail elsewhere there is no reason to believe he didn't do so here, which makes this a very unconventional flying machine indeed, a truly unidentified flying object.

Sighting number 8 occurred in 1676 when the famous astronomer Edmond Halley was observing the sky. He witnessed in his own words "A vast body seemingly bigger than the moon", of course this flying object could have been a great deal closer to Halley than the moon which would make it seem larger. He also reported that it emitted a noise which sounded like a huge cart rolling over stones, being an adept mathematician he worked out its speed as being over 9000 miles per hour!

Sighting number 7 happened in Egypt over 3000 years ago, and was written down by "the scribes of the house of life". They wrote that in mid-winter, on the sixth hour of the day they (the scribes) witnessed a circle of fire descending from the sky. This circle gave of a foul smell and made no noise, equally confused and afraid the scribes threw themselves down on the ground until the UFO was gone. They reported this odd occurrence to Thutmose the third who was the ruling Pharaoh at that time, after consulting with advisors for the next few days (and obviously drawing a blank) Thutmose got to see this strange flying object for himself, and more than one. It was recorded that after another few days more than one of these circles of fire appeared in the sky and that they shone brighter than the sun, we aren't given an exact number as it is just recorded as "numerous", more than 10? 20? It is difficult to say for sure but nonetheless it remains an interesting sighting.

Sighting number 6 jumps us forward slightly in history to 1803, the location is a stretch of beach north of Tokyo Japan. This is a rather back to front UFO sighting report as the unknown object in question is not witnessed in the sky but emerging from the sea, also the UFO isn't the main point of this sighting, it is the crafts occupant, a woman. Apparently a strange, round craft washed ashore on the beach one day and when locals investigated (presumably fishermen) they found a young beautiful woman inside. This woman spoke a language the locals couldn't understand and the inside of the craft was covered in symbols which also puzzled them. Weirder still, as if the event itself wasn't weird enough, this woman was carrying a rectangular box that she didn't want anyone to touch! This case is known in Japan as the "legend of the hollow ship".

Sighting number 5 brings us even closer to modern times and was reported in 1950 by a terrified United States Air Force officer working at the White Sands test range in the New Mexico desert. This officer and sergeant Jonathan Louette were tasked with taking a jeep out onto the vast missile range and clearing up any debris and burnt out missile shells. Now comes the part most of you won't believe, after driving down the range a few miles they stopped the jeep and both got out, splitting up to search more ground among the endless sand dunes, the officer heard sudden screaming coming from the area he knew the sergeant was in. He sprinted towards the screaming and when he reached the top of a dune he witnessed a Disc shaped craft, low to the ground, reaching down from the bottom of this Disc was a long tentacle type appendage which was wrapped around the sergeant! Sound unbelievable? That's what the officers bosses thought when he got back to base and reported it, he was charged with murder and held until a few days later when sergeant Jonathan Louette's body turned up 20 miles down the range, mutilated with strange precise cutting the officer couldn't possibly have carried out, he was cleared of the murder charge.

Case number 4 comes to us from many miles above the earth, the witnesses were Alan Bean, Jack Lousma and Owen Garriott, all astronauts carrying out various experiments inside the NASA Skylab 3 craft. The three astronauts witnessed a red pulsing object outside their space craft, they watched it for 10 minutes and even took some pictures of it. Being a clever astronaut type, Owen Garriott was able to estimate the size of the object, he worked this out by timing the difference between his own craft (Skylab 3) passing into the earths shadow and the following UFO passing into the shadow after them. This told him the UFO was 25 miles away and 800 feet in diameter! Which was far larger than anything NASA had up there, the Skylab 3 itself was only 150 feet long.

Sighting case number 3 comes from the freezing wastelands of the Yukon in 1996, the first sighting of this unknown craft happened at 8.30 pm beside Fox Lake. 6 witnesses reported seeing a massive UFO moving slowly and quietly across the frozen lake, they described it as being smooth, round and very large. About 30 minutes later and North of Fox Lake multiple witnesses from the village of Pelly Crossing saw the same UFO, shortly after this and to the south in the neighbouring village of Carmacks, four guys in a truck and five family members, looking out their front window also witnessed this massive UFO. This case has been investigated many times from different angles by different people but remains firmly unexplained.

Sighting number 2 happened in 1967 above Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Captain Robert Salas was on duty that night and received a call from the Guard post commander who reported that some of his guards had been seeing strange lights flying above the base in unorthodox patterns. Robert didn't think to much of it the first time but the guard commander called back some minutes later in a very excited state, shouting into the phone! He told Robert Salas (in no uncertain terms) that there was a large red glowing sphere floating outside the base's front gate. Robert quickly ordered him to mobilise his guards to secure the perimeter while he phoned to inform the next person up the ladder what was going on, it was then that something even stranger happened, the warning lights in the missile control room started going of and the nuclear missiles at the base shut one after another to a state where they couldn't be launched. Naturally the military carried out investigations into why the missiles shut down but were unable to find out why.

And last but not least sighting case number 1 happened in December of 1980 in Rendlesham forest, specifically near two RAF bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. Both these bases were at that time on loan to the United States Airforce. At 3 am a U.S. Air Force guard patrol witnessed strange lights zipping about above the trees close to the Bentwaters base, 3 soldiers were sent to this wooded area to investigate and as they cautiously approached through the trees they saw a burning orange light near the forest floor. The leader of the 3, sergeant Jim Penniston, later reported that he got close enough to see an object inside the orange light, suddenly there was a brilliant flash of light and the object disappeared. The very next night strange lights were again observed by the base's on duty staff and the base commander, lieutenant colonel Charles Halt, decided to lead a patrol back to the forest area to investigate further. What Charles and members of his patrol witnessed gliding through the dark woods was an eye shaped craft which was dripping what appeared to be molten metal! naturally all the patrol members were mesmerised by this floating - apparently lava dripping oddity so they tried to get closer to it, to find out exactly what it was. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the object moved away from them and out of the trees altogether into a nearby field, where, after floating for another few minutes it silently explodes into 5 smaller white circles of light which disappeared. At this point some of the patrol team noticed more lights in the sky, one of which flew to a direct stop above the patrol and shone a focused beam down to the ground right beside the patrol.



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Clinics Chemical analyzer to laboratory - how to create an appropriate alternative

Clinical chemistry analyzers play a crucial role in fashionable clinical laboratories. Automatic analyzers area unit indispensable for conducting routine diagnostic blood tests or tests on blood samples taken from patients World Health Organization would like imperative attention. Correct and fast results from the qualitative analysis of body fluids help physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions at once. Blood samples area unit analyzed to spot chemistry analytes like metallic element, albumin, bilirubin, creatinine, calcium, uric acid, inorganic phosphorus, carbamide chemical element (bun), glucose, and iron. Assays are often provided for analytics like thyroid, therapeutic drug, lipid, solution, medicine of abuse, and so on. 

There area unit completely different models of chemistry analyzers accessible within the market. Here area unit some tips about a way to create the proper alternative. 

How to realize the right clinical chemistry analyser 

The different kinds of chemistry analyzers accessible embody automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes. Going by the subsequent tips will ease with choice: 

- range a couple of leading on-line stores mercantilism medical instrumentality  
- Check and compare quality of the analyser, load capability, easy use, durability, and price  
- make sure that the merchandise will offer corrects and consistent results inside a brief time  
- The medical instrumentality you are planning to purchase ought to have the sensible once sales service, technical support and warrantee  
- research lab instrumentality that needs minimum maintenance is good.  
- The research laboratory instrumentality ought to be designed to accommodates normal rules and laws.  
- Check specifications of the analyser to create positive it meets your lab's need. 

Also, take into account general product options like graphical show, operator board, printer, dispense station, house for holding blood sampling tubes, and so on. Advanced models escort options like automatic self medical specialty observation, automatic standardisation and automatic zero setting. 

Purchase from a Reliable Medical science laboratory instrumentality provider 

The popular brands in chemical analyzers area unit Alfa Wasserman, Bayer, Beckman, Dade, Mindray, Olympus, Elan medical specialty and Roche medical specialty. High research lab instrumentality suppliers can have a colossal inventory that includes numerous brands and models. Purchase from a web store is good because it is straightforward to examine out the assorted merchandise. A reliable provider would supply steering to help you select the proper device. Moreover, on-line science laboratory stores generally provide quality instrumentality with correct warrantee at costs below regular. This may make sure that you get the simplest deal. If you have got serious budget constraints, obtain your chemistry analyser from a medical instrumentality provider that gives recertified merchandise that works also as new, however area unit priced lower.

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Life Explained: The Definition of Life

Life means different things to different people. But nobody truly knows life until they know what it really is and which structure on earth is more suitable to carry it on. This article defines Life in practical terms and identifies the biological cell as the host of the living principle.

First of all, what is LIFE? What is the definition of Life?

According to, Life is: 'the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally", among other definitions.

Another definition online is from and it says that life is " the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional plant or animal from a dead body b : a state of living characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction", still among other definitions.

Does these definitions tell you the reader what life really is? Maybe so, maybe not.

To define life the way most people can understand what it really is we have to look at living organisms and see what they do differently from non living things.

Life deals with movement, activity, creativity, adaptation to environmental changes, growth, reproduction, limited size, specific form, etc. but those factors are not specific to living organisms. If you look carefully you will find most of them if not all, related to non living things as well. What living things do differently from non living things is:

try to experiment most of them instead of just one or a few contrary to what we see in non living things that individually pick up some factors and leave out others
combine all these factors in a process or a plan towards the achievement of personal gaols and hopefully a final goal
Living organisms are part of the Nature. They do not do things that no non living thing can not do. THey most of the time do things that are done in Nature. But they are able to do many things over and over following a plan.

Living organisms work but they are not the only workers on Earth. Work being the ability to move and/or transform things, we know that Water and the Wind for example work well just like the Sun light does. What living organisms do differently is use work to meet personal goals and be able to hopefully transmit this work to new living organisms self-made or available. So what is Life? How can we now define Life?

Life is simply a useful work!

Life is a work done by an element of Earth in order to attain personal goals that are mainly self-protection, growth, communication, interactions, creativity, adaptation to environment and reproduction/birth.

In practical terms Life is a process of useful assimilation of energy/matter by a so-called living organism. In order to continue living such an organism absorbs external energy/matter, digests it, retains useful elements that most of the time are used to make new specific energy/matter that is integrated into its body and throws the waste products away. The fact of taking external energy/matter and be able to put most part of it in its body so that external energy/matter is now intrinsic part of the body is what is termed the assimilation ability of the living organism. But since that assimilation has a purpose, I call it useful assimilation. So what is Life then now?

Life is a useful assimilation of energy/matter.

How useful is this assimilation? It allows the living organism to self sustain itself, adapt to the environment, be more creative, grow if needed and reproduce if possible.

What are living organisms, those earth elements able to do a work termed useful assimilation?

If you look carefully and analyze them with scientific tools you will find that all so-called living organisms are biological cells or society of cells, that is those we call microorganisms (single cells and small societies of cells) and animals and plants commonly called pluricellular organisms. We can now simply call livings things cell organisms.

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Common Problems Faced During Translation

Translation, being a growing field, has been much analyzed and talked about. Several conclusions have come up regarding its nature, the obstacles one faces during translation, traits of a translator and the process that is to be followed. Some common problems that occur during the translation process are -

* Reading the original language poses a problem to inexperienced or unskilled translators. It is not just the verbal fluency of a language that is required. The skills to read and write it are sometimes more important.

* The translator could have a problem in comprehending the language too. This could be because of lack of proficiency in that language or complexity of the language or the personal interpretation of the translator.

* The translator sometimes brings in his own beliefs and experiences in interpreting a document. This could potentially harm the document's accuracy, intent and effect. This is a natural problem to occur with every translator but it must be fought against. The focus of the translator must be on the client and his needs.

* Lack of knowledge of the source language. The translator should ideally be a native to that language. That is the only way to ensure comprehensive translation of the content, complete with colloquial understanding of expressions, humor, slangs, hidden meanings, culturally significant content, etc. Some translators only deliver the word to word translation or the superficial meaning of the text. This leads to a loss of the text's core meaning.

* Semantic (which includes aphorisms, standardized terms, etc.) and the cultural (which includes idioms, proverbs, puns, etc.) difficulties of translation. Translators should know all the characteristics of the language.

* Language can be misused unintentionally. While using a particular expression, the intentions of the translator could be innocent, but the actual meaning of the expression in the targeted language could be offensive or sordid. Know your language, and if you do not, then inform the client in clear words.

* There are some rare words whose meanings escape, not only the general public but also the dictionaries. The translator should have enough common sense and intuition to come up with the closest possible word for it. Only a thorough understanding of the language and the field of translation warrants such advanced skills. Contextual understanding of the document is extremely important.

* Being faithful to both languages. There are rules and cultural differences to be considered in both languages. It is difficult to express exactly the same meaning in another language at times. There are sometimes no equivalents for certain words or expressions. The most a translator can do is come up with the next best alternative word.

All these problems that are faced during the translation process can be combated with experience, taking up wide variety of projects and through a constant improvement in language skills.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finding A Tutor For Your Child

As a concerned parent, I'm sure that you're interested in seeing your child gets the best education that is possible. This can be difficult, however, especially when your child is attending public schools and the classes tend to be so full that they may not get the personalized attention that is necessary. There may also be other circumstances which would limit your child's ability to get the education that they need to your satisfaction. In any of those cases, one option that you have opened to you is to hire one of the professional tutors that are available to give your child the assistance that is needed. What can these tutors offer to your child and how can you choose one that is going to be right or their needs?

One of the reasons why you may want to consider hiring a tutor for your child is if they are struggling to keep up with the curriculum of the class. Unfortunately, that curriculum is set by higher powers and the teacher really has limited ability to adjust what is being taught in the classroom or the speed with which it is being taught. If your child is having difficulty keeping up, hiring a tutor can assist them in getting the additional help that they need to get caught up and then to keep up. It can allow them to fully grasp what is being caught in the classroom and you will find that they are not only keeping up with their classmates, they may actually be passing them in the curriculum.

You may also have a specific need for hiring a tutor for your child. For example, if your child is facing the SAT test, prep tutors may be able to help them to get a higher score. Keep in mind, these types of tests are something that follow your child throughout their educational career and to a certain extent, throughout their lifetime. Make sure that you give them the best opportunity that is possible to succeed with the test that is being given and they will be much more likely to succeed further in life.

There are various options that are open to you as to how you will hire a tutor and where the tutoring will take place. In some cases, you can hire a tutor in your local area that will actually sit with your child and help them through the process, whatever that process may happen to be. In other cases, an online tutor can be hired to help your child with homework or perhaps to give them a little bit of guidance through their educational career. That choice is really up to you so give it the thought that is necessary to make a wise decision for everyone involved.

Your child has one opportunity to take advantage of the education that is available to them. Don't allow them to fall behind because of various problems that can occur during the educational process. By hiring a tutor, you help to give them the leg up that is necessary to succeed in life.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tree, a Wonderful Creation of Nature

A tree is a perennial plant that could grow up to a height of 379 feet. When there is sunlight they tower over the other plants. Normally, they have broad leaves and sturdy trunks that are often used for timber. They have been there on earth for the past 370 million years. They are so versatile that they grow in areas spanning from the arctic to the equator.

Trees are important creations of nature. They provide shelter and food. Also, they store vast amounts of carbon dioxide in their tissues. Rain-forests help various trees and creatures to live and grow together. On their leaves, trunks, under the barks and branches various other living beings live. Therefore, trees are of very high value when it comes to bio diversity.

Most often, trees are also of economic value. Their fruits are valuable as food for humans and animals. The timber is used for making furniture and structures for houses etc. However, clearing of forests for cultivation purposes and for obtaining timber is not favorable for environment. Absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen is one of the most important functions of trees. In the process they make food. Due to all these reasons trees are sacred to some societies.

The root system of a tree is the one that holds the tree steadily anchored to the soil. At the same time it absorbs water and the nutrients from soil. The taproot is the one that goes into the soil vertically. The lateral roots that branch off from it go in a horizontal direction in search of water and nutrients. The roots have root hairs with which they absorb nutrients.

The trunk of a tree is the one that allows it to stand above the others in order to get sunlight to fall on its leaves. It also does the secondary purpose of transporting water and nutrients to the upper parts. The outermost layer of the trunk is the bark that is made of dead cells. Its purpose is to provide protection to the inner layers of the trunk.

The middle portion of the trunk is called the xylem that transports water and nutrients to the leaves of a tree. The chlorophyll found in the leaves use these nutrients and the energy supplied by sunlight to synthesize carbohydrates which are the food for other areas. This food is transported through the phloem. Phloem is the layer in the trunk that is there between the bark and the xylem.