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Battlefield Earth 1561, UFO's Aerial Warfare Over Europe

The sun was just coming up on the horizon on the morning of April 14th 1561 over the town of Nuremberg Germany. As people made their way through the city streets many citizens witnessed an amazing and spectacular sight in the sky above them, which lasted for over an hour. An aerial clash in the heavens above by machines too fantastic to comprehend by the people who witnessed them.

That morning, the accounts by eye witnesses, became not only the subject of the newspapers at the time but were preserved as a woodcut by Hans Glaser that he made in 1566 of what he himself witnessed that day. His account and subsequent woodcut art, became the closest thing to a photograph that we have of this event that transpired. There appeared to be a variety of elongated cylindrical as well as 'cross shaped' objects at a significant altitude above Nuremberg. From the cylindrical objects spheres of different colours emerged and began attacking each other. Reports from several sources which were reported in the local newspapers, described the men and women of the town.

As they watched the encounters between what some of the witnesses would describe later as either crafts or machines, people began to become frightened. Not understanding exactly what was happening, the onlookers tried to comprehend the spectacle. Later it would be confirmed that many of them knew that what they were seeing was not merely a meteor shower or some other celestial occurrence that they had seen before. They knew somehow that what they were viewing resembled a battle in the sky more than any other description.

Although some were fearful that the sight was sign of heavens wrath over their small town, there are many accounts of a 'black spear like object' appearing afterwards. Many of the objects seemingly caught fire and began to smoke as they fell from the sky after about an hour. Some were reported to have 'crashed' into the ground in vaporous explosions, while others that were in 'retreat from the victorious crafts', apparently headed toward the sun and vanished. The globes were described as being of different colours, such as red, blue and black. They were also described as having a 'plate like shape'. The documents from that time also describe the larger 'tube like objects' as containing three and even four of the spheres.

What the residents and citizens of Nuremberg witnessed that morning in today's language resembles a dog fight of flying craft. Because we have the benefit of understanding and comprehending flying objects such as airplanes and helicopters, even rockets and space shuttles, to us it does not seem as fantastic. The difference is that none of the craft with the exception of the 'cross shaped' ones, resembles our modern aircraft. We still do not know how to make flying plates or spheres, but we can comprehend aerial warfare, and even small children today occasionally will draw a picture of fighter planes duking it out in a 'dogfight' over a battlefield.

The extraordinary thing regarding this particular series of observations is that it happened in the 16th century, and there were no manmade flying objects at that time. Human flight was still a few hundred years from being realized by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk in 1900. So basically a whole town in Germany witnessed some kind of aerial battle between unknown flying objects of an unknown origin, 339 years before humans themselves would take to the skies! As fantastic as it sounds for us today, with all of our area 51, Roswell New Mexico and other such modern Ufology and the myriad of UFO reports by literally millions of people around the world, from all walks of life, to the people of 16th century Nuremberg, this spectacle must have looked like Armageddon was upon them.

Still many eyewitnesses tried their very best to give accurate reports to the local newspapers and the gazette. Hans Glaser's woodcut from the 16th century exists as the best of the eyewitness reports of its day. It also corroborates the claims of at least 5 other witnessed accounts that were given press at the time of the occurrence. This encounter above the town of Nuremberg in 1561 and a few years later in 1566 a similar aerial 'battle' over Basle Switzerland, have become two of the only recorded such events witnessed by humans.

Samuel Coccius wrote in the local paper that many dark spheres appeared at sunrise, which were witnessed by many people as they 'hovered over' the town. He goes on to report that many of the spheres became fiery red and eventually vanished. Again the event lasted for several hours and was witnessed by many of the 16th century citizens of that area of Switzerland. The eyewitnesses like their counterparts a few years earlier in Nuremberg, witnessed what looked like to them, an aerial battle which lasted for over an hour. The descriptions at this time were of 'an invading collection of spheres' in their skies that 'made half turns' and were apparently 'banging' one against another. 'They were fighting a battle and were in combat' one person reported to the paper. 'A great number of them became red and igneous, thereafter they were consumed and died out', reported Samuel Coccius in his article

These are the accounts of two of the most witnessed events of a battle occurring in the skies over Europe, until the First World War when humans took to the air. Exactly what these objects were remains a mystery to this very day. In both accounts, it would seem that the skies above two cities became a heated battleground for these UFO's of medieval Europe.


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