Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghosts, Demons and Spirits: Do They Exist and How to Protect Yourself

The terms "Spirits" and "Ghosts" often instill fear in many people. But then these are the people who believe that things like ghosts can exist. There are also people who strongly believe that there are no such things as ghosts, spirits and demons - that it's all mind tricks and hallucinations. The debate has been endless.

But this article is about more than this debate. Let's move ahead on the assumption that ghosts and spirits do exist. That there are things such as ghosts, spirits and demons and they are all often seen or heard. Being afraid of a ghost is a normal, and quite common, reaction. You don't know what the ghost may do to you and being afraid of the inexplicable is understandable. But to understand whether a ghost is harmful, the first step is to understand the difference between ghosts and demons.

Ghosts are rarely vengeful. They're often simply lost souls, unaware that they have died and need to move on to another realm. This generally happens with people who have died abruptly because of accidents, illnesses, murders and even suicide. The body and mind were not ready for death so the soul does not realize that the time for it to leave this world has come. There are also some ghosts who remain because of concern or attachment for a loved one - such as an old grandmother who passed on before she got a chance to see her grandchild who's born a month later, someone whose last wishes are not fulfilled or someone who's simply unable to let go of a loved one because they think they will be unable to manage things themselves. All these ghosts often need is convincing that their concerns will be met and they can peacefully move on.

Then there are demons - the opposite of angels. Demons are vengeful beings, their sole purpose being the torment of people. Demons are often summoned to Earth and once removed from their rightful place in hell, they are lost, unable to return. And in this anger, they turn on humans, filling them with fear, corrupt thoughts and sometimes, even taking possession of them.

There are many people haunted by unseen spirits, sounds and happenings that they want to get rid of. There are also many people who believe that protecting your house from ghosts and demons is a good idea, because even if they don't see anything at present, this can change with an incident as small as a road accident. Research into the paranormal has given many methods that one can adopt to rid yourself and your house of ghosts and demons. There are also methods that can help you protect yourselves and your home from attracting any such spirits. The point is to be completely aware because no one can tell when you may need to know these tips.

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